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Power Washing and Painting of Vinyl Homes
Posted on May 6th, 2020

The vinyl homes below are on the schedule for 2020:
401 and 403 Suncrest                             783, 785, 787, 789, 791, 793 Sunset
841, 843, 845, 847, 849, 851 Sunset       846, 848, 850, 852, 854, 856 Sunset
896, 898, 900, 902, 904, 906 Sunset
Below are a few guidelines we request prior to the start of Power Washing and Painting:
·         Please remove all decorative items from the front, rear (and side) of your home.
·         If you have a deck or patio, please move your personal items away from the home.
·         If you are parking in your driveway, please park far enough from the house so that the workers can position their ladders safely against the house.
·         All pets should be inside your unit.
·         Please pick up and dispose of any pet waste prior to work beginning.
·         Inspect the unit for any damaged T1-11 that will need to be replaced or repaired prior to Power Washing and Painting.  Please submit an EPB request for prior to doing any outside work.